HR Innovation on Turbulent Times - Exclusive Program with John KAO


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A 100% digital event with John Kao distributed over three sessions in three days, in which Kao, one of the most influential Leadership and Innovation experts in the world, will impart to us how to approach and understand HR Innovation and how to deal with disruption and uncertainty– a solution now more necessary than ever at the personal and professional level.

The session will use multiple modalities including mini-presentations, case studies, interactive exercises and dialogue, selective use of collaboration tools and software, and use of a custom-designed playbook that will facilitate action planning and communicating findings with colleagues.

HR professionals as well as all those seeking methods and frameworks to leverage culture, cultivate talent and achieve greater productivity and innovation amid the disruption.




Who is John Kao

Described by The Economist as a “serial innovator”, John Kao is a world leading authority on innovation and emerging technologies.

John has played a leading role in the fields of innovation and business creativity for more than 30 years. His work reflects an ongoing engagement with advanced and disruptive technologies. His advisory and venture development activity has embraced fields as diverse as blockchain credentialing for education, AI and big data models, immersive gaming, collaboration technology and much more….

John Kao isn’t simply an innovator… He built a career out of bringing innovation to a large range of industries, organizations and institutions in both public and private sector.

The common thread is creativity and innovation - he has been helping a great number of companies from start-ups to large multinationals to transform their businesses by re-designing and focusing on strategic innovation.

As a Harvard Business School professor from 1982-96, John created acclaimed programs, such as MBAs and executive education courses, on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Kao was the academic director of the Managing Innovation program at Stanford University, as well as a visiting professor at the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

John Kao is author of two best-selling books: Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity, a BusinessWeek best-seller that has been published in a dozen languages; and Innovation Nation, which sounds the alarm about America’s
growing innovation challenge.

John’s work has been shared in major publications, such as The Economist, Harvard Business Review and The New York Times, among many other.

He has served in many prestigious membership and advisory roles:
• Chair of the World Economic Forum's (Davos) Global Advisory Council on Innovation
• Board Member - Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium
• Member - Innovation Commission of Cisco Systems
• Advisor to the USA navy
• Advisor to Finnish Innovation Fund
• Advisor to Finland’s Aalto (Innovation) University
• Advisor to Clinton Global Initiative

John is a trusted advisor to leaders of companies, startups, cities and nations about innovation strategy and execution. The list is long and ranges from Abu Dhabi to the City of San Francisco, as well as sectors of US government and the European Union’s innovation policy team. He advised the governments of Finland, Australia and Singapore on their innovation strategies and served for three years at the White House/Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Policy Dialogue led by Dr. John Holdren and Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang.

Currently Kao is the Chairman of Institute for Large Scale Innovation, whose i20 group is an association of 50 chief innovation officers from 30 different countries around the world.

In the summer of 1969, he apprenticed to a rock legend - Frank Zappa. Since then, he plays jazz piano in his spare time and the Yamaha Music Corporation recently named him their first “innovation artist.”

John Kao has inspired audiences worldwide, instilling the spirit of creativity as well as the how of innovation.


Program - Session 1

What’s the problem?
23rd, March

The evolution of HR as society has evolved from the industrial age through the information age to the age of innovation. contemporary HR function need to look like?
> Macro perspective – the environment/the organization
• From disruption to discontinuity
• Six gaps that create vulnerability
- Missing context
- Missing purpose
- Missing EQ/SQ
- Missing innovation
- Missing technological literacy
- Missing theory of change
• Today’s challenges are “wicked ‘
• Fight or flight

> Micro perspective – the individual
• Productivity
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Six intelligences to successfully address disruption
- Contextual intelligence
- Moral intelligence
- Human-centered intelligence
- Generative intelligence
- Technological intelligence
- Transformation intelligence
• Link to individual to collective purpose
• The requirements of working virtually
- The need to establish trust
- The importance of strong cultures
- The need for ongoing communication
• Dealing with stress/uncertainty

> Post-it-note board to do macro and micro factor brainstorms

> Interactive work
• Macro and micro brainstorms
• Diagnostic – your organization
• Diagnostic – you

> Overnight question
– what are three examples of things that you can or are doing to address disruption


Program - Session 2

What can we do about disruption?
24th, March

> Culture – creating a positive atmosphere of productivity and optimism through communication and culture building
• Leadership behavior
• Symbolic acts
• Rewards
• Affirming a set of cultural values that support the resilience of the organization

> Creating resilience
• What is resilience?
• In what way are fear and anxiety positive motivators?
• The power of purpose

> The new role of HR
• How can HR be a critical source of advice to company leadership regarding issues of strategy, culture, innovation and more?
• How can HR be an enabler of entrepreneurial opportunities by moving the culture in the direction of innovation and inventing new sources of value?
• How can HR cultivate organizational courage?
• In what way can HR help to overcome the challenges of working virtually?
• In what way can HR support the wellbeing of the workforce?
- Providing support for the psychological journey from anxiety to action
- New cultural messages – self talk
- From functioning to wellbeing

> HR and the new learning agenda
• What do people need to know to be effective?
• Instilling the six intelligences
• New technologies for credentialing and upskilling– now and in the future
• In what way are six intelligences a new management mindset able to deal with disruption


Program - Session 3

What is the action plan? (personal and organizational)
25th, March

> Using the action planning playbook
• The action plan for me
• The action plan for my people
• The action plan for my organization

> Brainstorming in smaller groups Making The flip from disruption to opportunity - brainstorm

> What does the new HR professional need to know for themselves to maintain their mental health and that of others?

> The role of the HR professional as a catalyst for innovation


Dates, Schedule and Pricing

23, 24 & 25th March, 2021

Duration of each session
2 Hours

Each session will be at:
Lisbon, London - 03pm - 05pm
Luanda - 04pm - 06pm
Maputo - 05pm - 07pm
Berlin, Madrid, Rome  - 04pm - 06pm
New York - 10am - 12am
S. Paulo - 12am - 2pm


Valid through 31st January, 2020

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5 Ticket 222.500 MZN
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10 Ticket 445.000 MZN
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